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Prémiový nabíjecí kabel Mennekes 32A | 3 fáze | do 22 kW (Barva Černá, Délka kabelu 6 metrů)
from 273,46 € incl. VAT
from 226 €
Code: 31290
presnosna nabijecka 32A Typ2
492,47 € incl. VAT
407 €
Code: SPCH-11
22kW s adaptery
from 543,29 € incl. VAT
from 449 €
Code: PCH-22
Home Box s DC ochranou | až 22 kW (Autentizace Klíček, Maximální výkon 22 kW / 3 fáze / 32 A, Měření spotřebované energie -)
from 577,17 € incl. VAT
from 477 €
Code: 35345
New Tip
from 591,69 € incl. VAT
from 489 €
Code: 1103/11
from 601,81 € incl. VAT
from 497,36 €
Code: 958/3/BEZ/BEZ
Home Box s DC ochranou | kabel Typ 2 | "Mennekes" | až 22 kW (Autentizace Klíček, Maximální výkon 22 kW / 3 fáze / 32 A, Měření spotřebované energie Ano)
from 644,93 € incl. VAT
from 533 €
Code: 35328
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The all-time top-selling Electric Vehicle in the French Market and the top-selling Electric Vehicle for Europe in 2015. Unveiled as a production vehicle in 2012 the Renault Zoe hit the French market in December 2012. Classified as a 5-door supermini and longer than the Renault Clio. The battery is leased separate and excluded from the sales price of the Renault Zoe. Renault introduced a lighter, smaller engine but with the same power and torque as the Q210 in 2015 called the R240. Unfortunately, the new engine does not allow quick charging. The Zoe is available for both engine types. Sales breached the 50,000 global level in April 2016. The Renault ZOE is not available in the USA.

In 2017 Renault brought an upgrade to market, the Zoe Z.E.40 with a 41kWh battery and available with two motors, the Q90, and R90. The R90 is also available in a smaller (previous model range) 22kWh battery option.

Source: https://wattev2buy.com