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WATTrouter Mx is the flagship of our company. It is a sophisticated programmed controller for optimizing its own consumption for buildings with a photovoltaic or wind power plant installed. For the standard variant, the current measuring range is 3x20A, continuous load 3x40A, for the 100A variant, the measuring range is 3x100A, continuous load 3x125A. After proper installation and adjustment, the controller perfectly optimizes the use of the excess energy produced by your FVE. The return on the equipment according to the output of the FVE and the possibility of using the produced energy can be as little as 4 months!

Detailed information

Product detailed description

For a complete description of functionality and usage, see this article.

WATTrouter Mx offers 6 SSR outputs with the possibility of continuous regulation of heat appliances or PWM control, as well as 2 relay outputs. It also includes the option of installing a wireless SC-Gateway module, improved time schedules, multi-purpose ANDI inputs, integrated MicroSD card, easier assembly / disassembly thanks to detachable terminal blocks and other improvements over the previous model M. The WATTrouter Mx is therefore suitable for even the most demanding applications.

Standardní měřicí rozsah 20A

Rozšířený měřicí rozsah 100A

WATTrouter Mx consists of a measuring module and its own controller. The controller is set up from a personal computer (notebook, mini-notebook, or desktop PC) using the USB or Ethernet interface. You can also set up and monitor from other devices that support web access via the Ethernet interface.

The WATTrouter Mx is completely noiseless, as the power triacs known from the WATTrouter M have been replaced by SSR outputs to which passively cooled power SSR relays are connected. This eliminates problems with fan noise, dust and the need to repair the controller in the event of damage to the power triacs by a short circuit. Power SSR can also be dimensioned according to both current carrying capacity and cooling options.

Note: In order to put the continuous regulation of the appliance (e.g. boiler) into operation according to the surplus of the WATTrouter Mx, it is always necessary to purchase at least one power semiconductor relay - SSR.

The WATTrouter Mx can also be retrofitted with wireless data transmission using the SC-Gateway module. This module enables full-fledged wireless transmission of all types of output controls, the end members can be wireless sockets and ENcontrol modules or a separate WATTrouter ECO controller equipped with an SC-Router module. This interface can be used wherever it would be difficult to make a cable connection between the controller and the appliance.

Note: Before ordering this model, make sure that you are proficient enough in the installation and setup of the LAN, or you know an expert in computers and networks (eg a relative, etc.). Please note that we do not provide any user support for problems related to LAN settings and Internet access (this is a specific issue as with other network elements).

Note: If you are a user of an older WATTrouter model, then you can only purchase a separate controller. The measuring module is functionally identical, it only has a different label.

Example of WATTconfig application

Web interface example

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