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OlifeEnergy DC | max. 150kW

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Connector for connection to the car
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AC socket Type 2 (22kW)
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Fast charging station for electric cars with an output of up to 150 kW in a free-standing design. The power electronics are located directly in the rack (no additional boxes are required for outputs up to 90 kW). OlifeEnergy DC is equipped with two cables with DC charging connectors. In the "dual" operating mode, the station can fast charge two electric cars at the same time. Optionally, a socket or cable with a connector for AC charging can also be added. The station is fully compatible with the OlifeEnergy Cloud service for remote monitoring, control, station control and power regulation. It can also be controlled using RfID cards or a mobile application, or remotely via the OCPP protocol.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

A fast charger (30 - 150 kW) for electric vehicles in a free-standing design case. Power electronics are mounted inside the charger chassis for power up to 90 kW. 120 kW and 150 kW stations need an external location for the power modules. The OlifeEnergy DC Charger has two cables for fast DC charging. In "Dual" mode it can fast-charge two electric vehicles simultaneously. The charger can also optionally be fitted with an AC charging socket or cable with a Type1 / Type2 plug. The station is fully compliant with the OlifeEnergy Cloud service for remote monitoring, control, load balancing and advanced power control. OCCP, RfID card or smartphone app control ready.


Hardware modules which extend functionality of the Olife Energy DC charging station.

The RfID module (included)

The RfID reader allows user authorisation using common key cards or chips (entrance cards, client cards, etc.) Specific RfID cards can be stored in the memory of the charger and added on demand. Optional remote configuration is also available via the SmartCharge module.

The SmartCharge module (hardware included)

A smart computing unit which allows the charger to communicate with the OlifeEnergy Cloud or other OCCP server. The SmartCharge module provides remote communication (LAN, GSM), charging station diagnostics and monitoring, smartphone app control and also advanced control of maximum input power.

GSM module (hardware included)

If ethernet or Wi-Fi connection is unavailable, the charger can connect to the Internet via the cellular data network (GSM).



A platform for remote monitoring, management and client charging. The Platform offers multiple services which can be combined.

Remote monitoring

A basic service for remote communication with the charging station. The user is informed about status and energy consumption - including historical data. The Remote Monitoring Service includes free presentation of the charging station in the OlifeEnergy Net charging network.

Access control

This service allows management of RfID user chips and smartphone application user management. A List of all individual charging sessions (user, time and consumed energy) data is available to the charging station owner with this service.

Power control

A load balancing service for advanced control of the charging station. If there is not enough power to charge the E.V., or E.V. fleet, consumption of the charging station(s) can be managed based on specific maximum withdraw limits (weak grid) or dynamically (based on maximum consumption of the building in a certain time frame).

Payment system

This service allows the OlifeEnergy charging station owner to set the fee for station operation. The Charging station is advertised in OlifeEnergy Net charging network.

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