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Portable charger Type 2 | max. 22 kW

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Portable charger with built-in EVSE for charging from CEE 32A sockets which enables maximum power draw of 22kW.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Portable charger with built-in EVSE for charging from CEE 32A sockets which enables maximum power draw of 22kW.

The cable is specially adapted to recognize the enclosed adapters. When the adapter is connected, the charging current is automatically limited to max. 16A. (This does not preclude a lower current setting)

It uses the maximum available power of 11 kW from the CEE16A socket.

It uses the maximum available power - 3.7 kW (1 phase) from the 230V 16A socket. The 230V plug is angled.

These sockets are regularly used in garages of family houses and in industrial parks, but EV manufacturers marginalize them. It's common practice that electric car supports 1x32A charging or even up to 3x32A, but the manufacturer does not provide sufficient equipment for it. That's why we are offering our solution with these characteristics:

  • User-friendliness and high security
  • Switching elements are designed to more than 150% of nominal continuous load
  • The control electronics performs self-diagnosis at each engagement
  • Indicates problems (after connection and running) by the appropriate error code:
    • Increased or too high temperature of the device or the CEE plug
    • Sintered switching elements or faulty switching transistors
    • Monitoring of overvoltage and undervoltage (or missing phase)
    • Control of PE and N wires
    • Monitoring of residual current - Disconnection of the vehicle upon detection of leakage (30mA AC, 6mA DC)
    • Unsupported charging mode
    • Rated current: max 32A (22kW)
    • Selectable current: 6A / 10A / 13A / 16A / 20A / 25A / 32A with memory
    • Phases: 1, 2 or 3 depending on connected car
  • Maximum charge current setting - useful for cars not capable of selection on their own
  • Compatibility of the new version on TN-S (most of Europe) and IT (Norway, Italy, Ukraine) grids

However these build-in protections are not intended to compensate for bad wiring of the socket or connection to the grid. The user is responsible to make sure that charging is done from sockets compliant to all standards. These build-in protections are meant as additional layer of safety.

The owners of electric cars like Tesla Model S (with DualCharger or upgraded high power charger), Smart ED(with 22kW charger) and Renault Zoe will find the most utilization, because these cars are capable of charging up to 22kW of power. Charging cable is also compatible with all cars using Euro-American standard IEC 62196-2 type 2 (so called Mennekes). These cars include BMW i3, VW e-up!, VW e-Golf, Mercedes B-class ED and many others...

Additional parameters

Category: Portable chargers
Warranty: 2 years
Mode: 2
Rated current: 6A / 10A / 13A / 16A / 20A / 25A / 32A
Input power: 1 / 3 phases
Working voltage: 230/400V
Rated power: up to 22 kW
RCD: 30mA AC, 6mA DC
Operational temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Connector - Car: Type 2 | "Mennekes"
Connector: CEE32A

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L Avatar of author | 24.7.2022
GB Avatar of author | 24.8.2020
We bought more than 10pcs of this charger to our company and happy to have them. Quality product and lower price compare to other products in local shops. Thank you
AV Avatar of author | 15.4.2020
Fast delivery, good quality. I bought this charger with a set of adaptors and everything works well. Albert