Portable charger Gen 2 Type 2 | "Mennekes" | 6-32A max. 7,4 kW

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  • EVSE built into Type 2 connector
  • lightweight and portable cable
  • charging up to 7,4 kW
  • EU product

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Looking for the easiest possible charging of your electric car? Plug this charging cable into CEE32A socket and you can charge your car up to 7,4 kW.

Lightweight, portable and easy to store portable charger with EVSE kit right inside the connector. Compatible with all Type 2 / "Mennekes" electric cars.

With the button and LED you can select the charging rate from 6 - 32 A! Continuously, after 1A.

On request, the cable can be supplied in various lengths.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does this charger meet all standards?

No. This portable charger does not meet the standard, because the EVSE kit is inside the connector.

2. What cars is the charger compatible with?

This is the second generation of the charger, equipped with a new EVSE kit. Works with all cars withType 2 / "Mennekes" connector.

3. Is this charger waterproof?


Additional parameters

Category: Portable charger
Weight: 2 kg
Mode: 2
Input power: 1 phase
Rated current: up to 32 A
Rated power: 7,4 kW
Working temperature: - 25°C ~ + 50°C
Cable: 3x6,00mm2
Connector - Car: Type 2 | "Mennekes"
Connector: CEE 32A