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Model 3

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nabijeni kabel T2
183,92 € incl. VAT
152 €
Code: T2-3F-16A
EV charging cable | Type 2 | max. 11 kW
New Tip
181 € –14 %
187,55 € incl. VAT
155 €
Code: 30760
76971 2000 int 04
from 212,96 € incl. VAT
from 176 €
Code: 1623508
79915 1000 int 04
227,48 € incl. VAT
188 €
Code: 1627135
Prémiový nabíjecí kabel Typ 2 | Mennekes | 3f/16A max. 11 kW
from 257,73 € incl. VAT
from 213 €
Code: 31280B
Vinutý nabíjecí kabel Typ 2 | Mennekes | 3f/16A max. 11 kW
360,58 € incl. VAT
298 €
Code: 31283B
presnosna nabijecka 32A Typ2
479,16 € incl. VAT
396 €
Code: SPCH-11
Spark Line 16 | Typ 2 | max. 11kW
+ free gift
from 499,73 € incl. VAT
from 413 €
Code: 5811/5 M
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The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated vehicles in recent memory, with nearly 400,000 pre-orders and counting for the release late 2017 of this affordable EV sedan. The unprecedented demand for the vehicle increases pressure on Tesla to complete its Gigafactory in Nevada in time to produce enough batteries and sort out issues at its Fremont, California vehicle assembly line. The format for the battery used in the Model 3 is 21/70, which is different than the 18/650 used in the Models S and X.

Unlike or the luxury models where the supercharger network is free, the Tesla Model 3 owner will pay for using the service. It is rumored that the model would be available in a performance package with Ludicrous Mode. The $35,000 price tag is before applying the federal tax incentives; the challenge though is the federal tax incentive is being phased out from mid-2018.

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