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  • Dynamic control of station power based on measurement of total power input
  • Limitation of the power of the charging station when switching on other appliances in the building
  • Distribution of total power between more stations according to selected rules
  • Web application for access from anywhere - PC, phone, tablet
  • On-line overview of the performance in the building and the state of charging at individual stations
  • Assigning rights using RFID cards
  • Basis for invoicing customers according to energy consumption
  • Possibility of issuing "prepaid" cards for charging with a given kWh credit
  • Possibility to book a charging station for a given card
  • Clear table and graphical outputs

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Home solution

As the process of charging electric cars is very energy intensive, it is necessary to optimize these processes so that they become more efficient and achieve the maximum economic burden. In a seemingly simple case, when we install one wallbox in the garage of a family house, there may be a situation where the consumption of the charging station may collide with the total energy load caused by other appliances over time. A solution in the form of increasing the value of a circuit breaker provider by supplier is a solution that increases household costs and is therefore not very suitable.

The Smart EV-box is connected to a switchboard in a family house. It continuously monitors the instantaneous electricity consumption throughout the house, monitors the amount of electricity by FVE on the roof of the house, and based on these measurements, the Smart EV-box controls the charging station so that its maximum possible power is always used over time.

  • Home network overload protection
  • Optimization of the use of produced solar energy
  • Speed up the charging process by up to 50%
  • All information is sent online to the server

Corporate solutions

Even more important is dynamic load balancing in the case of company garages, parking garages and public parking lots, where the use of multiple charging stations (wallboxes) is envisaged and it is necessary to ensure dynamic allocation of available electricity for simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles while ensuring that the entire network is not overloaded.

The Smart-EV box allows you to safely charge more electric cars at the same time using the full capacity of the current connection to the electricity network, without the need to increase it again at the energy supplier.

  • Continuous measurement of the consumption of the entire building
  • Dynamic allocation of "free" energy between charging stations
  • Wallboxes are equipped with RFID identification so that a user who is not authorized cannot charge on the given station
  • The operator of charging stations in the application assigns rights to individual clients
  • A clear tool for billing for electricity consumed
  • Possibility of "booking" the station in the given place
  • Possibility to set the "priority" mode with the allocation of the maximum possible power for fast charging of a specific vehicle

Additional parameters

Category: Dynamic power control
Weight: 2 kg
Input voltage: 230 V (mains adapter), consumption 7 - 15 W
Connectivity: 1 x LAN port – UTP cable for connection to the charging station (in case of more charging stations, Ethernet switch can be used), 1 x RS - 485 - connection of Schneider Electric electricity meter, series iEM3100 via Modbus, 1 x WiFi - system connection to the Internet
Dimensions: 170 x 120 x 37 mm

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